Joluplant chrysanthemums

early september serie

This series includes spontaneous early flowering varieties with round shape.  The varieties can be grown in various pot sizes.  The flowering period is from August 20 to September 10, may vary depending on the growing  and climatic conditions.

mid september serie

This Serie has a flowering period from 10 to 25 September.  These varieties are less sensible to early bud forming then begin September Serie.  They are well suited for this flower period.  The flowering date can change due to growing and weather conditions.

late september serie

The varieties bloom from 25 to late September, the bloom period may also vary depending on the growing and climatic conditions.


early oktober serie

The flower period is from 25 Sept to 5 Oct.  The form, vigor and flexibility of these plants can be compared with these from the mid October Series.  A lot of these varieties can be used in short day program, for greenhouses or for outside.  The natural flowering period can vary according to growing and weather conditions.

mid & late oktober serie

These varieties have the same characteristics as the begin October Serie.  The natural flower date is from 10 to 25 Oct.  The most varieties are also suitable for short day culture in greenhouse and outside.  The natural flower date can change due to growing and weather conditions.

mixed colors

There is a wide range of mixed colors available in the different series, for further information you can always contact your representative.


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